Side projects

City Posters

2018 - present

I started designing posters of cities that I visited on my trips as a way to practice my Graphic Design skills.

Through these posters you can get a sense of my design aesthetic: I really enjoy creating minimal, clean, modern pieces and user interfaces. Every monument is striped down to the essential details.

UX Agenda

2018 - present

UX Agenda is a weekend project that started from my own pain point of finding a centralized place with all UX conferences, workshops, and meet-ups. This website is very simple and aims to be a useful tool for the UX community.


One Ticket Away

2017 - present

One Ticket Away is a travel blog where you can find articles about fascinating destinations that I visited recently. In a mix of photos and relevant insights, I tend to write down the memories of experiences, food, and points of interest.


Viagens Flash


Me and Bruno Barroso were the founders of Viagens Flash, a website that aggregated affordable travel deals from Portugal to countries all over the world. I also designed and coded it.

The project ended due to the lack of traffic and because it was really time-consuming to look for all the deals and create design assets to share on social networks.


Tint UI

2015 - 2017

I was the founder, designer, and coder of, a color-picker tool for designers to copy hexadecimal color codes from official color palettes.

This was my favorite personal project because I felt like I was creating something useful for the Design community and reached +10.000 visitors in the first month. More details about this project below:

What's next?


In the past 5 years, I've been working on the intersection of Research and Design. I take ownership of user research and user testing, wireframing, visual mockups, and prototyping.


I'm João, a Product Designer and passionate problem solver.

João is a creative Product Designer and a passionate problem solver.

João is a creative Product Designer and a passionate problem solver.

Born in Lisbon and currently living in 🇪🇸 Barcelona.

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