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I was invited by the co-founder Avi Meir to be Founding Product Designer at TravelPerk, a Spanish start-up founded in January 2015. I joined the team in the early days, when we used to work in a coffee shop to discuss product features.

Our goal was to create a free tool for booking and managing business trips online and my role was to design the booking platform and public website.

These assets were essential to shape the product as it is today and to present to the first round of investors and beta customers. The company recently closed a $7 million Series A founding and is employing around 70 people.

Project goals

  1. Create a modern, fast and intuitive platform to contrast with old, slow and non-user-friendly solutions from our competitors.
  2. Allow users to find and book flights, car rentals and accommodations.
  3. Possibility to manage users, preferences and travel policies to generate reports.

Design process

Me and the stakeholders started the Discovery phase with benchmarking and collecting user needs. This data guided us to create a roadmap for product development and to set priorities for Q1 2015.

With a short list of features and requirements for the MVP I sketched the first wireframes to share with stakeholders and developers. After their feedback I created high-fidelity mockups for the platform and public website.

Before I left the team I created a design system with design patterns and rules to guide future designers joining the company.

Internal tool

Internal tool

Internal tool

Wireframe of a Trip creation form:


Mockup of a Trip creation form:


Wireframe of a User Dashboard.


Wireframe of a New Office form.

Wireframe of a New Office form.

Setting up a new Office

Wireframe of a New Policy form.

Setting up new policy

Mockup of onboarding (Step 1: Create your first office).


Mockup of onboarding (Step 3: Create travel policies).


Public website

Travelperk homepage

Internal mockups of the first website explaining how TravelPerk works and what are the advantages. 

Travelperk How It Works

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