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XING JobManager is a B2B product that started back in April 2015 and was publicly announced in September on Zukunft Personal 2015.

JobManager is used by recruiters to publish and manage job ads in the XING Stellenmarkt (XING Jobs Marketplace) and was one of the main pieces for the company strategy in 2015.

Project goals

  1. Create an interface to easily manage your job ads in the platform.
  2. Redesign the job ad creation form to be user-friendly.
  3. Show detailed statistics for job ads: views, clicks, demographics and audience.
  4. Show all potential candidates for job ads: visitors, people who showed interest and XING recommendations.

Design process

When I started at XING we already had an idea of what we needed to create based on user research done by the User Insights team in Hamburg. Our Product Owner was also located in Germany while the development and design teams were in Spain.

My main role on this project was to collaborate on the creation of wireframes with a co-worker based on Product Owner requirements and then I translated them to high-fidelity mockups in Sketch. To get feedback from developers I often shared early mockups and prototypes in InVision and Principle

One of the big challenges was to create an interface that was consistent with the B2C XING platform and XING TalentManager, a B2B product with a radically different user interface. I overcame this by creating an UI taking hints from both sides, reusing design patterns from the B2C platform and iterating on them to fit our B2B needs.

I also aligned with Marketing and worked with them in marketing material, including landing pages to highlight the advantages of using XING job ads.

In 2016 all B2B recruiting products of XING moved to XING E-Recruiting and in 2017 we gave them a fresh look-and-feel, including XING JobManager.


JobManager List 2015


This is the interface shown at Zukunft Personal 2015. It was released under BETA to get early feedback from customers.

JobManager Stats 2015
XING Campus job ad

Above is a marketing material that I did of a XING Job ad anatomy for the Marketing team.

Example of animation to show developers

Above is just an example of a GIF that I created in Principle to share with developers how uploading files could help users automatically fill a form.

XING Jobmanager jobs list


In May 2017 we updated the design to align with all the other products of XING E-Recruiting. These new patterns were part of the Winery Design System initiative that I started in October 2016.

Below is the progress from the wireframes (left) to the interface in 2015 (center) and 2017 (right) of the Job ad creation form.

Job Ad Creation form wireframe
Job ad creation form mockup
Current UI of Job ad creation form

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