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Booking is famous for its B2C online booking platform. Behind the scenes, the B2B tools that hoteliers use to check-in their guests and manage reservations are often slow, outdated and the majority of them offer poor customer support.

Booking saw an opportunity to grab a large piece of marketshare with the power of their brand, offering a SaaS (Software as a service) to all their current base of hoteliers. It's a very fragmented market with no big players in it. 

To enter the market the fastest way possible Booking bought 2 start-ups: Hotel Ninjas from Barcelona and Buuteeq from Seattle. Hotel Ninjas had a booking system and rates management while Buuteeq was working on custom property websites. Priceline Group paid $98 Million for the acquisition of both companies.

When I started working in the Barcelona office in August 2014 we were kicking-off the design of Booking Suite with the remote team in Seattle. Unfortunately I had to leave the company in the end of 2014 since the Barcelona office was closed and I declined to move to Amsterdam – where the headquarters are located.

Project goals

  1. Give costumers the power to create a Custom Property Website integrated with platform in minutes.
  2. Create a Rate Management tool to provide daily rate suggestions to costumers based on competitor rates so they could offer the best deals to their guests.
  3. Create a Booking System to manage the hotel occupation and ease the process of check-in and check-out. 

Design process

In total we were 3 designers working on Booking Suite: me and my co-worker in the Barcelona office and 1 more in Seattle. We used to sync daily (stand-ups) in the end of the day due to the timezone difference. Once a week we did a larger meeting to share work in progress on a deeper level and get feedback from each others.

My main role was to align with the Product Owner on what features we needed to design/implement, sketch wireframes with some proposals and then collaborate with my co-worker on the visual design of the best solution.

I was also leading user-tests in the Barcelona office, visiting hoteliers to interview them, to see their current SaaS and to test some prototypes.

Internal tool

Below are early design explorations of the Booking Management calendar and Booking detail page.

Booking management calendar
Booking detail page

Below are early design explorations of the Settings and Report pages of Booking Suite.

BookingSuite mockups
Booking Suite settings
Booking Suite reports
Departures report

Promotional video of the final version of Booking Suite (by

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