About João


João Piedade is a creative Product Designer and a passionate problem-solver with 5+ years of experience. He was born in sunny Lisbon and is living abroad since 2014. Formerly at Booking and TravelPerk, he's currently working at XING.

As a kid he dreamed of being an Architect but ended up pursuing a career in Design and taking a bachelor in Audiovisual and Multimedia in Lisbon, Portugal.

His first job as a consultant User Experience Designer at Log gave him a lot of experience to work with a multitude of clients, projects and deadlines. After a year he moved to Barcelona to work for Booking, TravelPerk and XING. In November 2017 he moved to Oporto.

João uses Sketch for wireframing or UI designs and Github as a version control system on a daily basis. For prototyping his choices are Principle or InVision.

He's a tech-savvy Apple fan, following herds of technology websites and blogs to keep him updated. On his spare time João is either travelling around or working in one of his personal projects. The most successful was Tint UI which reached +10.000 visits in the first month. 

You might have seen him at UXLX 2017 in Lisbon or Awwwards Conference 2018 in Berlin. His favourite social network is Twitter so drop him a DM or follow him @jp3dro. You can also connect via LinkedIn or e-mail if you prefer. 

What's next?

Check out João's full work experience and latest personal projects. ??‍?

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